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to Disagree

Meet the people who embrace disagreement as a force for good and see how it has shaped their lives, careers, and relationships.

Connect on Twitter with hosts Io @Io_M and Tony @GDC_London and find out more about the DB8 London.

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Podcast Episode

Meet the BBC Journalist who explains how newsrooms decide to cover the stories that divide us the most

Meet Charlotte Rose, a broadcast journalist and political reporter for the BBC. In this episode, Charlotte talks to hosts Io and Tony about the dilemmas news.... 

Image by Roman Kraft
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Podcast Episode

Meet the Doctor & Leader Using Disagreement to Make the NHS More Inclusive

Meet Latifa Patel, the youngest ever Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association Representative Body and the first woman of colour to hold the position...

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Podcast Episode

Meet the Defence Expert Whose Job is to Play Devil's Advocate to the British Army

Meet Jack Watling, a research fellow for the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the world's oldest defence and security think tank. In this episode, Jack talks to hosts Io and Tony about...

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Podcast Episode

US Election 2020 Special

Meet Paul Hayes, the Director of Debate for George Washington University in Washington D.C. In this episode, the first of series 2...

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