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Do you want to become a more confident public speaker?

Debate London is a vital training ground for members to develop their communication and analytical skills. Debate London exists to give members a platform to put their skills into practice in a live environment and to carry out the club's social mission of providing a safe space for disagreement that anyone of any means can attend at any time. 

Your voice matters.

Debate and Public Speaking Workshops like never before

We are working to restore the good name of debate with a year-round training program with over 100 members and a network of more than 6,000 supporters.


Sign up, join the debate

Instead of inviting guest speakers to sit on this panel, we spend a week training a group of our members to defend the competing perspectives shaping the debate in their own words. 


Nice to meet you, we're Debate London

Join us and we will teach you how to speak in public, think strategically, and deal with conflict. You will then be given a platform to lead by example in our monthly debates, that are free to attend and open to all, so you can show those in search of a more civil way to examine our differences what it really means to be a great debater.

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Want to improve your skills?

We typically debate issues that divide public opinion, which last year ranged from driverless cars and a maximum wage to sexual harassment and fake news. Topics are expressed not as a question, but as a proposal that the audience must vote to accept or reject after hearing all the arguments. 

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Have you listened to our podcast?

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The podcast that dares to disagree.

Too often in the name of simplicity and "conflict resolution" many of us won't speak up when we don't like something. Dare2Disagree meets the people who embrace disagreement as a force for good and see how it has shaped their lives, careers, and relationships.

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Real talk with real people

The audience play a crucial role at Debate London. After hearing from the speaker teams, they cross-examine both sides by either asking a question or explaining where they stand. They must then decide whom they agree with most, voting both before the debate and after, so we can see how many people have changed their minds.

What people say

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“I've always been pretty good at arguing, so thought ot give this workshop a try. Definitely is one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but love every moment of it.”

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Being a part of great debaters has been life-changing for me. I've developed my critical thinking greatly, my ability to articulate arguments and understand how I think. This has been very beneficial in my life and career. The atmosphere has always been very inclusive and welcoming. All levels and opinions are encouraged, whether you are a master debater or just starting out.

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“The Great Debaters Club is a fun social club which I enjoy being part of. I have learned valuable debating and public speaking skills from workshops and hands on sessions. Their socials are also enjoyable and welcoming!”

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